We are having intermittent problems with Cltrust going wacky and giving the dreaded 403 Forbidden error. We are NW6.5 SP2, BM3.8 SP2, cltrust version 1.5. I Have tried other versions with similar results. When I get the 403 error I click on the key in the systray and it disappears. I can run it again and it all works. I am loading it through the startup which seems to make it more stable. Any ideas as to why it would do this? It happens on a majority of the IBM Thinkpads we have deployed. I have an IBM Thinkpad with XP Pro and a generic WIN98 laptop. The WIN98 system is stable. When it happens I am still connected to the network and mapped to my drives. Everything works except cltrust.

Thank you for your time.

Joe Merricks
Network Administrator
Hargrave Military Academy