Proxy Hierarchy (2 Parents at DMZ - > 2 Parents in Secure Lan -> 15 at
offices worldwide
Windows .NET Web Cluster

1. We need the "Real" Ip of the clients being forwarded to the Webservers
for log analyses. Is this possible? Right now we only see the proxy serves
in the logfiles of the Webservers

- First session to webcluster is opened from first proxy parent in secure
lan-> Connects to .Net 1
- Admin logs on directly to webcluster -> connects to .Net 2
- Third session is opened from second proxy parent in secure lan ->
Connects to .Net 2

The result is that ~ 1100 user connect to .Net 1 and only 1 user connects
to .Net 2. Which is also a result of the real client ip adresses not being
forwarded through proxy.

Any idea for this issue?

Also maybe someone tried or know if this setup would work i.e. with a
squid on linux? Since we only use BM for proxy services its a quite
expensive solution and with no fix for my issues 1 & 2 they will push for
a test installation of a Squid on Linux.