Hi, I've been looking for information on how to backup the Novell Data Synchronizer. I'm referring to something like High Availability on Blackberry a type of clustering solution. Failing that a simple system such as a knife-edge backup would do. That is where you have a server sitting ready to take over, when needed, you unplug the old one and plug in the new one.

I've tried this when updating to the beta. I believe it generated quite a bit of load on one of the 8.1 post offices and only for 5 users (7 users total on Synchronizer). Two iPad and one iPhone users stopped receiving mail with one of these ending up with a corrupt user database.

Would copying the database over be a possible step? Can anyone help, what does everyone else do or plan to do? I'm not using VMs and none of our servers do but would consider it if it's the only/best way.