I'm trying to install SP8 on a NW65SP6 server. This is a file and print server running NDPS/iPrint, Apache (for Portal, etc.) and BackupExec remote agent on a Dell 2650 server. Pretty simple.

When I start the SP8 install from NWCONFIG, it starts fine but then when it starts the service pack backup I get about 14% into the automated backup process and I get a red error message that states "File "C:\NWSERVER\OTHE" was not found. (nwconfig-6-233) Press <Enter> to continue." I press enter and it gives me choices to try again, force connection and try again, cancel copy and one other. If I enter "Try Again" or "Force connection..." it will continue copying then pop up the same message over and over. I've tried to just continue through them but it goes on and becomes more frequent. I have tried copying the backup files to several different locations, all with ample space (sys:, other direct storage volumes, iSCSI volumes, etc.) and I get the same message.

I had several other NW65SP6 servers that I upgraded with no problems. Any Ideas? I have searched these forums and Novell's Knowledge-base and haven't found anything.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.