We have Nsure Audit 1.0.2 secure logging server installed on a Windows
server in a tree of it's own. Our intention is to use this server to
audit a group of BM38 proxy servers in a separate tree. We have
installed Nsure Audit as part of a NW6.5 installation on one of the BM38
servers. The NW65 server is sending events to the SLS as expected. When
I set-up the BM38 instrumentation by editing runaud.ncf specifying the
admin user from the SLS tree, copied over the bm_en.lsc file, renamed
the edited runaud.ncf to runaud.bat and ran it on the Windows SLS server
as recommended by the BM38 documentation.

When I check to Nsure Audit Console on the SLS in the Counters section
it reports 3 connections and 2 drivers. The 3 connections are the SLS
server's eDirectory instrumentation and the BM38 server's eDirectory +
NetWare instrumentations.

Why does it appear that the BorderManager instrumentation is not working
even though the object has been created in the applications container in
the SLS server's tree?
Is there additional work required as the BM server is in a different
tree? I presume not as it is able to report eDirectory and NetWare events.