I have the following problem:

Have a software which is able to apply strong signatures to email (via
Smartcard). There is even a part of the documentation dealing with
Groupwise. For proper functioning of the software it is necessary to
change the trust model of the CAs of this signature provider from
"prompt" to "all".

This gives no problems on Win7 32 or WinXP, but on Win7 64 I always get
the error: "Update Trust Error" Unable to store modified trust

There is TID 7006330, which I applied several times, without any
success. Same Client and user on WIN7 32 has no problems at all.

Client is 8.0.2 .

Does anybody know, where those informations are stored for GW use?

On a functioning 32-bit OS client a user CTL is created under
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\SystemCertificates\trust\C TL - but that is not
all and not even ever, so that seems to be just a side-effect. If I
export this CTL to another machine for the same user, this is not
reflected in the GW certificates properties. I can easily manually
create such a CTL, but GW simply ignores it.
W. Prindl