i have a Win2003 server running ZCM 10.2.1. Last month I changed our inventory scan procedure to the First Monday of each month at 12:00pm....Yesterday being the first Monday the whole network came to a halt only about 200-300wks.

In the event viewer I see heaps fo Novell.Zenworks.Logger errors with "Many Upload Failures count=xxx uploading: C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\/work/collection/inventory\{what appears to be a GUID}-delta.zip: zip

I have rebooted the server serveral times plus gone into ZCC and changed inventory scan to none - have seen this on a few macines I have tested to have changed the next scan to none.

However it appears that the workstations are still trying to upload the previous scan.

1. why is this happening eg Upload failures.
2. why is it bringing the server to its knees eg...can see any major CPU util but the server is freezing and clients cant connect or run Nal windows off and on etc.

Any help really appreciated as this is still happening today as well...