I know it is end of life and no support, but I work with what I've got. Need some help with GW8sp2 Webaccess. I have a Netware 6 sp5 server and have the MTA, POA, and GWIA all running perfectly on this server. I am still using Apache that shipped with Netware 6 and Tomcat33. I also updated Java to 1.41.05.

I have this error after installing Webaccess 8sp2:
Compile Error: login.htt: Line 1: Unable to open file: login.htt. Cannot load file: login.htt.

Now having said this - I can get to the monitor page with port 7211(just the default port in the install). I have uninstalled, renamed directories, deleted all the objects including the providers, etc. I'm running out of ideas. Only other thing I can think of is installing a newer version of tomcat that can run on netware 6sp5 - maybe tomcat4? Also thought about using Apache2 along with that. If that is the case and I need to update tomcat and apache what is the best way of doing that? I'm not a buff with apache and tomcat so I would need some nub instructions.

Thanks for any help!!