Perhaps I'm going about this the wrong way, but can someone explain if this should work or not?

I have ZESM 4.1 IR 1 installed on a Windows 2003 server with a seperate SQL box - all installed and configured fine.

Created a user source pointing at AD, and have a single OU set up with 2 groups that I want to assign the policies to. When I open up a policy and click on the publish tab, I can expand down the AD tree to the OU and can see the relevant groups I've created.

If I then add a user to one of the groups then attempt to publish a policy to the group, the ZESM Management Console says "Policy Assignment Complete", however, if I then right click on the agent on the taskbar and "Check for Update", its saying there is "No Policy Update at this time"

If I assign the policy directly to the user, then it works correctly.

Am I missing something?

The reason I want to restrict it to a single OU and specific named groups is because we've had issues in the past with multiple admins in the system overwriting users policy assignments so I want to try and control policy assignments as much as possible.