When I collect free busy information from the GroupWise 8 web services, all free busy blocks always have null-values for their subject and place, even though they're set in the appointments. I've been trying to set the 'view' property of the request (values like "subject" or so), but it doesn't seem to help.

The documentation at Novell Documentation even lists an example request with only the freeBusySessionId set (no view) and in the example response, the subjects of several free busy blocks are shown. Is this an error in the documentation or am I missing something?

My C# code (using WCF):

getFreeBusyRequest request = new getFreeBusyRequest()
freeBusySessionId = freeBusySessionIdString
getFreeBusyResponse response = null;

response = client.getFreeBusyRequest(session, false, request));

Thanks for your help!