This is weird.

brand new ZCM server

I've applied the "file bundle" patch thingy

I have a vmware workstation with our "image" on it.

I snapshotted the VM while it was powered off.

I used a ZEN 7 NAL app to remove the ZAM 7.5 agent, then unregistered the ZPM 6.4.420 agent, then ran the ZCM agent install.

All went well.

Rebooted, logged in, verified the device shows up in ZCM

I then shut off the VM

I removed the device from the ZCC/ZCM server.

I then reverted to my previous snapshot (before ZCM was even installed)

Fired it up, and re-ran the NAL object

Now it will not install and keeps telling me that the casa.msi failed to download and that it's expecting SIZE of 1949184 and it's getting 1946624

It does this every 2 minutes (default retry)

I found one posting here about corrupted agent on the ZCM server, but it seems real weird that it downloaded fine yesterday and now today it won't work.

Nothing's been done to the server.