We are running bm3.8 on a nw6.5 sp2 server here at my home office and it
has been running well. However, at a couple of our remote locations, but
not all, some clients cannot get clntrust to work correctly. It seems site
specific, but I could be crazy. Regardless it doesn't work at the two
sites in question in that they get presented with the ssl/login instead of
just getting out to the Internet (via clntrust). The odd thing, is that
once I get the ssl login, I can close the browser (not authenticate with
ssl), reopen the browser and out I go via clntrust. If I dwntrust and
re-launch clntrust, same problem. I've tried updating and downgraded
clntrust without success.

Remote clients are running win2k all patched up, with client/32 4.83 sp1,2,3
any ideas?