Greetings, am running GW8SP1HP1 on NW65SP8 at 2 locations, at
location/server B I have a secondary domain with 2 post offices each with a
POA running on that server. I want to move one of them to my
location/server A, as all the users in that post office are no longer with
our company and I want them archived, however our archiving is done at my
location and to do it across the wire would take forever or fail as there's
LOTS of email in that post office.

So would the best solution be to move the post office subdirectory structure
from server B to server A, setup a new POA on server A for the post office
and shutdown the old POA on server B? If I understand there's no way to
change the domain that the post office is reporting to? So this means the
new POA on server A would still be using the MTA on server B, is this OK?

As to the actual mechanics of the move presume I use as per the GW8 admin
guide section "12.9 Moving a Post Office" found at
and the section that it refers to "36.1.5 Moving the POA to a Different
Server" found at

For the moving of the files, presume it's OK for me to use an NTFS formatted
external hard drive?

The post office existing on server A would only be temporary (a few weeks
tops) and then removed once archiving is completed, so I don't think it's an
issue that the MTA is on a different server? There's only minimal email
going through the mailboxes anymore...

I'm also toying with setting up the post office at my location on a SLES
box, but one thing at a time...

Thanks in advance