We have Novell Messenger 2.0.0.
It's abending everyday afternoon.
I was looking for fixing it, but we don't have novell suppor anymore.
So, we thought 2 options
1) Move agent to another server
2) Upgrade to version 2.1.0 and maintain on the same server.

The servers I have available for installing agent are:
1) My GWIA and Webaccess Server
2) A file server

Actually, it's on our Groupwise Primary Domain Server.
What's the best option?
1) If we choose to change server, we'll have to reconfigure all clients
server addresses.
2) If we just upgrade, will we need to upgrade client immetiatelly?

We are not expert on Novell, so we need a step by step guide to do the best

Thankyou in advance.