This might be the wrong place for this type of question, but since I can
only imagine a BM server as the application for this, I'll ask here first.

I have a pair of BM38 servers that head-ends our network of about 15,000
workstations. These servers are configured identically, with 2 drives
as a mirrored SYS volume and 6 other drives each as individual cache
volumes, CACHE1-CACHE6.

If the server would happen to abend and reboot, running VREPAIR on 6
traditional volumes of ~80 gigs each takes quite a while. Is there a
way to automatically delete and re-create these volumes from the command
line, in the autoexec? (Yes, this is quite a scary question.... :-) )
The only reason I even think this, is that while the volumes are
repairing, proxy is not loaded, and internet access is slow/down for 20

Any ideas?