I'm running NW 5.1 sp7e and BM3.7sp3. Before updating to BM3.7 to sp3, I
had some of the .dat files (the actual e-mails) along with the .ctl file not
deleting after being sent to our ISP. Now as I look into the outgoing
folder on the BM server, I have many of the .ctl file not self deleting
after being sent out. The files all show 0 byte size. When I highlite them
and press delete, my computer shows them as being deleted; however when I
refresh the directory the file is still there. In the past I have had to
reboot the server without reloading BorderManager, I am then able to delete
the files. After deleting them, I then load BorderManager and everything
works fine. But over a period of time, the control files start building up
again. Any help is appreciated. Also the files do have the attribute to
purge immediate.