My organization is using GW 8.02 and we have several sections that have thousands of external contacts in probably a dozen or more significant address books. We also use NotifyLink to sync our Blackberries. As an organization we need to consolidate all these address books to eliminate duplicates and provide all these contacts to every employee in the organization (about 250 GW users).

I haven't significantly used the address book in GW since 6.5 but it doesn't look much different other than some cosmetic improvements. Last I knew the address books were not relational. Each address book stood on its' own and when contacts were copied from one book to another they were copied and not linked. Looks like it is still that way. The GW address books are very clunky when trying to manage thousands of contacts between several sections. I'm not sure that consolidating them into one huge address book is the answer either. (Maybe it is?)

Is there a stable, robust, flexible and scalable contact management system that integrates really well into GroupWise and will sync with NotifyLink to our Blackberries? I'm looking either for Open Source/ GPL or commercial ideas.

Thank you in advance for your help.