When you restore image (with out zenagent) img-utility
shows massage like "Changing SID on workstation" at end of restore.
It'll take some time with disk activity so I assume that img touching
restored image.

This occurs when image safedata is empty or contains SID different than
inside image.

When image safedata (SID) is same that inside image,
it also gives "Changing SID not needed" message. But this will last
shorter time, so propably SID is not changed.

Is there way I could prevent img from touching restored image?
Command line switch or something?

I'm aware of "ZISWIN Do Not Restore Mask" and "c:\restoremask.xml"
settings to prevent ZISWIN from changing SID when agent is installed.)

My images are syspreped to oobe-mode, and theres no need for SID changes.