We are currently using Netware 6.5 sp2 and BM 3.8 sp2, running on a Dell
Poweredge 2600 with 2 gig of Ram. The server has two NIC's, a private
and public. The public is connected to a CISCO router, which is
connected to a T-1 circuit. The private is connected to our internal
network. The problem we are having is when we are browsing through the
proxy server, frequently the page does not load all of the way. Hitting
the referesh button on the browser will almost always cause the page to
finish loading. Taking down the filters does not seem to help the
problem. The problem does not exist when I configure the workstation to
not use the proxy server. I do own the bordermanager 3.8 book, and the
filters book by Craig Johnson, so if there is a section in either of
those books that would help me trouble shoot this probelem, that would be
great also.