I have a user that noticed that she has 65,000+ messages in her "Sent" folder (not - Sent Items folder). I have done some checking and found that there are thousands multiple messages of a relatively few original messages dating back around a month ago. I deleted the original message in the "Sent Items" folder and then proceeded to try to delete some of the same messages int he "Sent" folder. It does delete them (they are in the trashbin), but they are then replaced by a same amount of messages in the Sent folder again, so the number is not really decreasing. I am wondering what the heck is going on and what would happen if I just delete the "Sent" folder, and then create a new one. I checked and she does not have any rules active. Below is a portion of the POA log that shows activity on her account. It almost seems as though GW keeps trying send these emails continuously. Has anyone seen this before or have an idea what is going on with this account?

00:01:04 624 Distribute message from: diane_mcdougle (diane_mcdougle)
00:01:04 624 Distributed: diane_mcdougle
00:01:21 392 Processing update: record 056E (diane_mcdougle)
00:01:22 392 Distribute message from: diane_mcdougle (diane_mcdougle)
00:01:22 392 Distributed: diane_mcdougle
00:01:38 392 Processing update: record 056E (diane_mcdougle)
00:01:39 392 Distribute message from: diane_mcdougle (diane_mcdougle)
00:01:39 392 Distributed: diane_mcdougle