We have the beta of the Mobility sync solution installed. Right now we
only have two devices connected. My iPod Touch (iOS 4.0) works as
advertised. Syncing seems to be working fine for all data.

The other device is an iPhone 3G (iOS 4.0.1) with no SIM card
(essentially and iTouch with a camera) just using WiFi. On this device
the user's data syncs, but shortly there after gets deleted. When I
watch the status from the mobility connector web page, I see the number
of "Items Synced to Device" gradually grow as the user views folders and
the calendar. And then, can't figure out a pattern, that number will
drop back down to 0. We have seen it get as high as 589, but then drop
back down. When it drops, that number of synced items will quickly grow
to 86, and sit at 86 until the users goes to view mail. Then, the number
grows again. Until something decided to wipe it out.

We have tried the various resync and re-initialize options, and deleted
the device from mobility. Also deleted the account on the iPhone and
recreated it. Always coming back to the same issue.

We are looking for other people with devices that we can test, but at
this moment we only these two devices available for testing. We're
hoping that this is an issue that someone else has noticed and fixed.

Not sure what other version numbers might be needed. Looking at the
admin page it shows the engine as v1.0.1.484.


Timothy M. Musa
Community Consolidated School District 93
Carol Stream, IL