I recently upgraded to 8.0.2 from 8.0.1hp1 and I also upgraded to Mobility Public Beta. Now my syncing does not work. I did some basic troubleshooting and discovered that my PO monitor shows 80 of 80 SOAP threads as busy. If i look at SOAP threads I see stuff like this:

GWSOAP-EPPO-Handler_80 -1358169184 1 Handle Request 1024287
GWSOAP-EPPO-Handler_79 -1357640800 1 Handle Request 1024545
GWSOAP-EPPO-Handler_78 -1361339488 1 Handle Request 1024591
GWSOAP-EPPO-Handler_77 -1360811104 1 Handle Request 1024861
GWSOAP-EPPO-Handler_76 -1336505440 1 Handle Request 1024892
GWSOAP-EPPO-Handler_75 -1359754336 1 Non-Idle 1025170
GWSOAP-EPPO-Handler_74 -1359225952 1 Non-Idle 1025420
GWSOAP-EPPO-Handler_73 -1358697568 1 Non-Idle 1025474
GWSOAP-EPPO-Handler_72 -1357112416 1 Non-Idle 1025745
GWSOAP-EPPO-Handler_71 -1352885344 1 Non-Idle 1025775

If I restart PO it seems to sync phone for a little while but within a day or so all threads are busy and syncing stops.

I also have BES but it does not use SOAP. AFAIK only the Mobility app uses SOAP connections.

Is there anything that can be done to clear those threads without restarting PO?