I have various bundles that perform little changes to the workstations.
Might be a small registry update etc.

Under the Bundles section, I have two bundle folders:
Applications (this contains all the normal bundle)
Updates (this contains the bundles I mention above)

We don't use "Zenworks Explorer Folder Path" in our bundles, instead we rely on the Bundle Folder structure to act as the Explorer Path. (i.e. "Bundles > Application > Adobe" will have all adobe bundles in there and display as such in the Explorer window).

Unfortunately the "Updates" Bundle Folder shows in the Explorer window, even though any bundles in there are told not to show in the Explorer window. This means users see an empty folder.

Is there any way to mask this folder?
Should I be putting these bundles in the special "System Bundles" folder instead, even though they may sometimes do more complex Windows bundle actions -- or should this folder not be touched by my hands :)