I have a BM 3.6 (plus all patches from Craigs page) server that I am reverse
proxying an internal web server out on to the net.
We have authenication turned on.

I have one user that once he types in his login id and password he always
gets You have already logged in and then he can't get any further.

When the user connects via dialup using one ISP he gets in fine.
We have done some more testing and it looks like no matter what OS/Browser
we use it works fine on most ISPs and not on NTL. We have set IE setting
back to default (Craig sorry I didn't reply to your post suggesting this),
and again this didn't work.

We have looked about transparent proxys and how ISPs use them and found

Does anyone have any ideas of what we can do? Does this get magically fixed
with BM3.8?