I've read the read me, and browsed the TID for the problems resolved. However I'm not finding what I'm looking for.

Is there a document of changes in behavior in 10.3.1?

I ask because once upgraded, some of my bundles appear to function differently.

For example, I have a bundle which takes an inventory of something on the PC and FTPs the screen shot up to a server using a script. All the actions are under LAUNCH. The association is to users and it is associated to run at refresh. The association to the user is a Distribution Schedule with Install Immediately after Distribution set as well as Launch Immediately after Installation set. The Install action is set to run once, though run always has the same issue. There is nothing in the install action. The Launch action is set to run once per station per user.

Prior to 10.3.1, this would launch once per user per station per version of the app. If I wanted it to run it again, I would launch it again. In other words it was functioning as I told it to.

As of 10.3.1, this only installs and launches one time. ** If I increase the bundle version number, it does not run again. ** Even if I remove the option to run once per user per station and set it to run always, it still only runs one time and upping the version doesn't get it to run again.

If I change the association to the user to be under Launch Schedule then it works.

I'm wondering if this is a deliberate change, or a bug.