Here is the list of fixes between refresh build 81 and this build (88). Once again, users will need to uninstall/reinstall this refresh.

560636 Contacts don't sync from Apple to Nokia
583439 Decline instance of recurrent appointment doesn't always delete the instance from GW
584868 Declining an appointment is not deleted from calendar
585634 Only first instance of recurrent appointment syncs from Android device to GW
589087 Deleting a group from a connector doesn't delete all users.
590641 Notes deleted from GW are not deleting from the device
592504 Kill pill not working
592904 export the server cert
594916 Marking emails as unread in GW does not propagate to Device
595017 Resync is not working correctly
595325 Connector stops responding
596219 Failed to authenticate with users that contain extended characters from the device
600484 Unlocalized text on connector options page when logged in as non-admin user
600692 Appointments replicated twice in the device
601158 Default PAB synced to Contacts folder - folder name on device should match PAB name
603038 Calendar events created on Device don't sync over to GW
603059 Received Message with Display Name of Last, First Causes Reply Oddities with IPhone
603944 Database password is printed in log files.
606009 The trace utility is tracking the message id that is common for all recipients. We need to use the record id instead.
607359 Events are lost while gw connector is down
611010 Mobility occasionally causes device battery to drain abnormally fast
611125 AttributeError: no such child: {http://schemas.novell .com/2005/01/GroupWise/events}events in GW ai log.
611423 Delete distributed appt does not works
613338 Add the ability to remove the user event configurations during uninstall
614593 Please put the link to the Monitoring along with Connector Settings, Users, Groups, Profiles etc
615319 Appointment gets downloaded as per the Post office Time zone rather than Device Time Zone
615482 Notes sync in two days in the device
616122 Only first instance of recurrent appointments syncs from Palm Pre to GW
616434 When a folder is deleted in GW, it still shows up in the MC monitor page.
617132 The same GWEvent is being processed multiple times and by multiple threads
617217 Readme: Modifying message body on Device does not sync to GW
617472 Users that belong to a group get removed when LDAP connection get lost
618029 Problems processing GW Events
618394 Removing a group from the GW connector doesn't cleanup the event configuration in gw if the gw connector is not running.
618428 HTC Touch Pro stops syncing if a user is added as a favourite
618904 Scandinavian characters in message body results in mail message not arriving on system external to GW
618937 Mobility connector should stop logging in to the user account if the Password has expired
619564 Folder doesn't get added when PAB is selected to sync.
619595 Install needs to update rpms to the datasync required version.
619621 Modifying an appointment in GW that was created on device does not sync
619701 Not getting all contacts.
619931 Give an option to sync older emails
620129 Cannot connect to connector via ssl with Nokia n900
620162 We are still recieving many events that get dropped because they are in system folders that we don't track.
620231 Reinitialize button does not work
620547 "GroupWise is down, will retry in X seconds." happening a lot, but gw is not down.
620691 Notes deleted from device are not deleting from GW
620701 Attachments do not get downloaded to the device if the Post Office name has a space in it
620914 Addressbook does not sync
620926 Seeing severe slowdown across the system
621013 System folders that get added while the system is live (not during intial sync) are not filtered out.
621271 Some users are getting 2 of the same device.
621370 Unknown error in web admin when re-adding a user with extended characters in his application name.
621371 Items don't sync to devices for users that have extended characters in their username.
621673 Daylight Saving time calculations are not working for calendar items coming from SE to ASC
621937 Attachment size limits in GW Connector and ActiveSync connector should be consistent
622312 Folders are not syncing to the device
622721 CollectLogs.pyc gives error if PySQLPool.Qeury.log is missing.
622730 Can't send an email from a device if the user account contains extended characters.
623062 Multi-device: Appointments deleted on first device, remain on other devices
624369 WebAdmin must get version from either datasync or mobility product file
624657 Missing colon in Edit User
624677 Missing full stop on groupwise connector options pagefor non-admin user.
624692 Untidy message appears when clearing users cache.
625072 Do not sync FC book by default
625572 Uninstall is not removing datasynchronizer-mobilitypack-release and datasynchronizer-mobilitypack-release-cd rpms.
625574 Typo in uninstall, "componentes" should be "components".
625660 Prompt during uninstall when service restart fails needs minor adjustments.
625662 Minor output changes need made if starting services fails and you choose to continue with uninstall.
625736 Multi-device: Appointments deleted on the device are not deleted from GW
625755 "Uninitialized" device left behind when deleting last device needs more clean-up
625764 Periodic cache redelivery should have a maximum number of attempts
626063 Typo in error message from YaST install
626449 Inconsistent Vendor field for datasync rpms
627605 For mobility pack, the gw connector and the mobility connnector should be set to start automatically by default.