I am on BorderManager 3.8 SP2A with Field Patch 3B. I only use Bordermanager as a Proxy server for port 80. All others go through my Firewall for control. (Routing is done in this fashion as well). So I only put in proxy settings for HTTP in Internet Explorer.

However, for some reason on only certain workstations, ports are going through BorderManager (IE: port 2000). Not sure why, and it only seems to happen on certain stations. I am using the same version of NWClient (4.9SP2 with pkc). Both are running the same CLNTRUST from the same location.

This started when I took off "Authenticate Only when user attempts to access a restricted page" in Authentication Context settings. I found that when this was checked, rules were being ignored and not being processed at all....

Any ideas on why this might be happening?