i try to install Groupwise 7.0.4 german with MSI Bundle and MST Tunerfile on W7 Workstations german.
I uploaded groupwise.msi and groupwise.mst files to ZCM Store and didn't try to install from a Network Share.

I try to install the Bundle as "dnyamic Adminstrator" and with "logged in User with grant Administrator Privileg to user during installation"

I try this with an local Workstation Sysadmin Account and an User Account.

Both didn't run succesfully.
I got always these Error Message in ZCM Client Log:

[ERROR] [08/06/2010 10:58:08.143] [1452] [ZenworksWindowsService] [49] [testuser] [BundleManager] [WindowsActions.MSI_ERR_1603] [Fehler beim Installieren von groupwise.msi. Bei der Installation ist ein schwerwiegender Fehler aufgetreten.] [] [bb88f090906855ef134e831798ff68b9]

Looks an MSI Error 1603.

Any Hint on this?