I have recently set my GroupWise system to run as a non-root user, and I am trying to create a Secondary Post Office, when I created the Post Office in C1 I received an error, "Unable to access client software in Software Distribution Directory gwmail at /gwsrv/media/nss/VOL1/gwsdd. You will not be able to access the new post office until the client view files are installed correctly? Do you want to continue? I went ahead and selected "Yes"
Then I had the next message After creating the Post Office select refresh views on the system maintenance menu to have the post office agent install the client view files.
It looks like the PO was created correctly, it does have a wphost.db, but it is missing the ngwguard.db, is there something that I need to do with this running as the non-root user? Should I try to change it back and then do this again? Also it was not added to the gwha.conf file like the other components of GroupWise.
Any ideas?