I have an end user that is having issues with notify and I cannot figure out how to solve the issue.

Notify launches at startup fine. When he receives an e-mail, the icon refreshes with an envelope in the tray of Windows XP. However, when he receives an e-mail, he does not get the pop-up message that states "New Incoming Mail Message.

I went into notify options and made sure that "Show dialog" was checked for mail messages for all priority levels. When I log on to my computer on his account, Notify works fine. When I log onto his computer with my account, notify does not work.

It seems as if it is computer or local client specific to his machine. I tried un-installing GW 8, restarting the machine, re-installing, re-checking launch notify at startup.. and the issue still did not fix itself.

Help? :(


-Cassandra V