well, this is actually a complete mixup off issues since I went ahead
with update to 10.3.0a and then 10.3.1 without making sure everything
was 100% in advance...

Anyway, I think Im on track again with my primary updated to 10.3.1
and the external DB (sybase) on another machine was re-installed and
restore the DB itself (and updated sybase and db).

So,, zen seems to work,

Issue remaining which probably is NOT related to the update and must
have occured previously is that those machines running Win2003/Server
has BOTH last contact = 28 june.

All together I've got 3 x Win2003servers,
1 is the primary zen
1 is the server holding zen's external Sybase DB
1 is just another windows2003 server.

The primary shows up ok in ZEN admin page,
but both the other 2 showed up as jun 28th as last contact.

Now, since I uninstall/reinstalled the server with the external DB,
that's not even there, it's sitting under deployment task as "awaiting
reboot" which it has been time and time again without any

So,, What/Why/how can I resolve and find out why Win2003 servers can't
connect/register to my Zenserver since it seems as if all PC's/WS's
can do it ?