there is a strange behavior with Pervasive SQL on a NSS volume

when I access a PSQL file on the NSS volume from different windows programms (transactional way like Btrieve), if I spell the *path* in different case, the PSQL engine opens 2 "different" files (which point to the same physical file) and the result is that the updates are not seen from a programm to the other one

for example the file located at /media/nss/VOLDB/DATADIR/Myfile.mkd
can result in

the clients connected to one file do not see the updates from the others but the physical file is the same.

we experienced data loss and file crash

We tried to install PSQL on a Linux Debian server and dit not get this error.

Is there some parameter to set to correct this ?
do I have to spell all the path names the same way ?

Server config
OES2 SP2 VM on XenServer all updates done
PSQL 10.30

thanks, Hubert