I work for a school board in Ontario, and we are putting in 600 Windows 7 workstations this summer. We are having problems getting ldap to work. We have been using the “lgncl.zip” files from cool solutions to get contextless login to work on our WinXP machines. That doesn’t work on the Win7 machines.

On the LDAP contextless login tab we have put in about 7 server and tree ip addresses with the defaults. We created a reg file that we change on the image depending on which school server we want to login to (different trees as we are a rural school board - just the way it was setup years ago).

On the server side, we created a user called LDAPUser and made it a trustee of the main o and the next ou under that. Added that ldapuser as a proxy user for the LDAP group object.

We aren’t sure if it is a server problem or a client problem -- we can login to some servers where we have setup LDAP the exact same way. Again these servers are in different trees. Each school has its own tree with the school server in it. So we had to setup LDAP on each server at each school.

The error we are getting on some server logins is

LDAP Contextless Login: No LDAP server specified

Create LDAPUser (no rights to anything) and made it a trustee of main O and OU below that where the server object resides -- just default rights were given when we made it a trustee (and they are the same as the other servers where ldap is working).

LDAP group object added LDAPUser user as the proxy user for the LDAP group object.

I believe that was all we did on the server side at each school.

On the client side we added the tree and server ip address for each school server that we needed to login to.

We also have ZFD 6.5 client on the machines as well as ZAM 10.3 (not sure of the exact version of ZAM as I’m home right now). ;-)

I will download the latest patch for client 2 sp1 on Monday and give that a try.

Thanks for your help.