Hi all

I have installed ZLM 7.3 IR2 Server in SLES 10 SP2. The ZLM Server setup is not able to complete on sles11 server, the system hangs. Also when trying to install the ZLM 7.3 IR2 agent on SLED 11 OS, the installation starts & hangs in the middle.

Some of the error messages are
1)Error no 111 Connection Refused
2) when executed the zlm-config file it displays the "OS is not supported version"
The SuSEfirewall is set to stop & iptables rules were not set.

I have tried the ZLM 7.3 IR2 agent installation in a freshly installed SLED 10 machine, but the machine is not able to contact the server (host name not found). I have not configured DNS service in the server machine. Please provide suggestions in the ZLM 7.3 IR2 agent installation.