We recently upgraded our zenworks environment to 10.3.1. After that there is a change how assigning imaging bundles works. In earlier versions you have to first assign a bundle then click "Apply Assigned Imaging Bundle" before an image work is scheduled. Now when I assign an image bundle it's in the "Bundle to apply"-list immediately without having to click Apply Assigned Image Bundle first.

The big problem with that is: we already had a lots of computer that where assigned to imaging bundles and they have already received a new image. After the image job is done the image bundle disappeared from "imaging work - bundle to apply". But now, all of a sudden, over 500 computers have a scheduled imaging work to do because the had their assignment to an image bundle was not removed. You did not have to remove the assignment prior to 10.3.1.

Please can anyone help me with this?

John Hallberg
Jonkoping University