Help required.

We are installating Windows Vista workstations in our Finance department. The new Finanace application requires access to the shared Novell drives, and administrator rights on the Windows Domain.

The domain name is fin, so if we set the Novell Client (version 2) to computer only login and login for instance as


then the user can run the finance application and has the correct rights. However we want to login to Novell first so, the client is set to login on the Novell network, the context is correct and under the windows tab on the advanced options the username and domain have been entered.

The user logs in fine, and the ZEN window is delivered, and shared drives are mapped. The workstation is on the domain (and can be seen on the domain).

The user can run the finance app, however the administrator rights are not being brought in.

Any ideas?

To recap - login as fin\username locally, finance system works.
login as novell user - finance system does not get the admin rights from the domain.