I'm seeing rather odd behavior from the proxy. I have BM3.8sp2a running
on NW6.5sp2 and a few MS XPsp2 client workstations running ZfD6.5 agents
and NWClient4.90sp2. I am using SurfControl (cpfilter.nlm). I'm not
loading Clntrust on my workstations. I have disabled Single Sign-on in
the Authentication Schemes within the HTTP proxy - I have SSL enabled.
I am using port 444 and created an SSL certificate for this purpose.
Both Filtsrv and IPfilt are unloaded - I am not loading filters.

I do not get an authentication login request when accessing a site -
yet, I am blocked from sites that should be blocked and able to access
sites that I should be able to access. This holds true whether I am
eDirectory authenticated or not. How is this possible?

On my Linux box I don't get an SSL login page and can't get to any page
using the proxy - I get a "The Document contains no data" error.