We have a wireless network installation through a Bluesocket wireless
gateway. All client traffic from this device appears NATed to one of the
interfaces. The client PCs are user's own units and don't have the Novell
client installed. We are aware that Bordermanager uses a unique IP address
and timeout for authentication/access for non SSO users when using SSL.

We need to be able to get users to authenticate individually, and be
recorded in the proxy logs, and have read about the cookie based
authentication method. What we would like to know is is it possible to use
the pxyauth client plugin for IE browser in a non TS installation? It would
save the user having to copy the cookie information back in to the login
screen and keep it simpler for them.

We are runninng BM3.8SP2 on NW6.5SP2.

Thanx as ever