I have a user who has been having this go on for a while ( probably when we upgraded the back-end to 8.0.1)

User WAS using the 7.0.3 client and just got upgraded to 8.0.2 (server is at 8.0.2) but the problem happened before the client upgrade:

1) Her Calendar (on her folder view on the left-hand side) has a plus next to it, but you click on it and nothing happens.

2) User sent a recurring calendar appointment for every monday. She did this back in December of 2009. We have our GW system set to expire/reduce anything over 1 year. On top of it, User goes into her sent items and deletes things so I can only see stuff she's sent since 7/1/2010

However, I don't see ANY of the recurring appointments in her sent items at all that were sent back in 2009. The items DO show up on her calendar. When she deletes the item from her calendar the FIRST box is:

Delete this instance,
all instances
This instance forward

Doesn't matter which one you pick, it won't pop up the box that asks if you want to delete from your mailbox, recipients mailbox, or all mailboxes. It only deletes it from HER mailbox.

But "newly created" recurring appointments work just fine.

Is it because the GW client cannot find the original appointment (I know in GW 8, it groups the appointments). Or because she's whacked the sent item already and maybe unknowingly whacked the "group"?