I wish I could have a force run bundle that would copy a script to the machine, run said script and then delete it. I wish this bundle would run as a system user every time a user logs into the workstation. I would like it to be associated to the devices.
I cannot get this to work, and it's giving me grief!!
This is how I have configured the bundle:

Create an empty Windows bundle.
Install action - Install a script from the content-repo on the local machine.
Copy if different or Copy always (I've tried both)
Install frequency - Install always, never allow postpones.

executable - General - specify the executable with the script file
as the argument.
Advanced - run as system user, wait 30 seconds before
the next action.
Launch Options - default

File Removal - Delete the file installed above.

Relationships - To Devices

Shortcuts - None

schedule - Event: User login
Install immediately after Distribution
Launch immediately after Installation

This force runs once. The first time someone logs onto the machine, and never again. Can anyone see what the problem is with the configuration above?