So... Java applets that use standard web ports seem to flow through our BM 3.8 Proxy just fine. There is a NEW application that a large number of our users will need to access that uses non standard ports (say 570 for the example).

I understand that Java is set on the workstation by default to use the IE/Netscape proxy settings, which is how normal java apps on the standard web ports works. Why doesn't the non-standard port call work through BM as well.

For example, my Proxy is set to port 8080 for all services. The Java client on the workstations learn this from the browser. When the webpage is accessed that instructs java to make the connection on port 570, wouldn't the local java client still pass that connection request to the proxy server on port 8080, and simply inform the BM server of the correct port (570) to be used on the public side? Do I need to do something to specifically instruct BM to allow connections on that port on the public side? Or is it limited to 80 & 443 by default? Do I need a separate generic proxy on another port (say 8090) that I point the Java client to specifically for ALL java connections?

Is there a good FAQ out there anywhere on this topic. I did some brief searching and couldn't find anything useful.

Thanks in advance for any assistance... Steve Bratt