We have a few Windows 7 PC running the latest Client (IR3) that losses
drive mappings temporarily. I found TID 7006475 (Novell Client for
Windows 7 does not map drives after computer name change) that kind of
covers this issue, but when I look at the problem PCs registry (and my
own Windows 7 PC), I don't see the Key. So should I create the Key??
Will it really help???

Here is what the TID said:
************************************************** *********************
Drives won't map after changing the computer name Computer name change
causes login failure

After changing the Windows Computer Name, Novell logins and drive
mappings do not appear to complete successfully. The username /
password combination is accepted, and no error message is shown. If a
user were to right click on the red "n" and choose "Novell Connections"
no servers would be listed there, indicating the lack of a solid NCP
connection. Drive mappings also do not appear upon boot.

Upon changing the computer name, one registry key does not get properly

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Win dows

Change this to match the new computer name and reboot.