well, I took the plunge anyway,

from 10.2.2 to 10.3.0a ;
2 servers, 1 primary, 1 external DB

status is; primary server OK, second server which just holds the
external sybase DB doesnt do anything. It simply states; assigned;

Also, all was/is green in the zac console, but last contact states
28June for the 2nd server/DBserver.....
MAYBE I should have focused on that before going ahead with the
upgrade, but since there was no error....I missed it,

so, both server are on the same switch, dns = OK, hosts-files = OK
they can talk with each other in all ways, but something causes the
last contact to be quite old....

Any ideas ??

I've also (tired of waiting) did the post-upgrade fix for Sybase on
the 2nd server