well, status as of right now;
Seems that clients (WS's) running xp or Win7 can refresh and connect
to the primary server.

Seems that NO (only 2) windows2003 servers can connect or refresh
towards the primary server.

I've tested nslookup for both name and IP from both servers = OK,
In the logs on the servers, it states amongst other things;

1. can not connect to "http://primaryservers'ip:4011
2. Found host: zen.server.name , status: Bad]
3. [WebService] [] [Network error connecting to server: Unable to
connect to the remote server

Could not find location: https://server-ip/zenworks-zoneconfig

Marking location https://server-ip/zenworks-zoneconfig/ Bad at the
request of module ZoneConfiguration

Could not connect to: https://server-ip/zenworks-ping/.

( server-ip above is off course the ip-adress )

each line/servername or ip are correctly stated to the primary server,
still they fail,

of the 2 servers win2003 that do NOT connect/login/refresh, 1 has the
new/updated 10.3.1 client and the other one is NOT updated and still
at 10.2.2

So,, something about this must be on the main/primary server