After experiencing problems with replication and the speed of the ZCC,
I've run the appropriate version of the ZDC against my server. Content
Verification ran fine, and the File Verifier just reported the missing
files for Asset and Patch (which I don't have) as it has always done.

The Database Verifier however is reporting a lot of errors, all of which
indicate that the fields in question have Nullable set False when it
should be True. I see that someone reported a similar problem at the URL
below early last year and had to open a support incident...I was
wondering if this is something I could address myself. Anyone have any

Here's a sample of the errors:

Mismatch in table 'DeviceInfo' structure.
Object type: [Column] , Object name: [osName]
Expected: [Name: osName, Size: 255, Type: VARCHAR, Nullable: true]
Found: [Name: osName, Size: 255, Type: VARCHAR, Nullable: false]

And here's the previous poster's description of their issue: