I'm in the process of building new images (XP Pro SP3) that include
ZENworks Agent v7.0.1.4 (to address some policy application issues we're

After imaging a machine, the Application Explorer icon is being
positioned on the right-hand side of the desktop. This differs from, for which the Application Explorer icon adheres to the "align
to grid" setting and happily lines up with all other desktop icons on
the left-hand side of the desktop. This is an issue as our background
bitmap contains a logo/image and other info in the 400 pixels on the
right... the Application Explorer icon gets lost if it's on that side.

Note that there are no app object icons on the desktop and there are
only 15 icons in total for the particular user I'm logged in as (incl.
the Application Explorer, Recycle Bin, IE and WMP) - 11 icons reside in
the users redirected desktop folder. I've done a side-by-side image
build with Agent v7.0.1.0 and v7.0.1.4 - no other changes. This only
happens with with the newer agent. The agent was installed fresh in both
cases - not updated.

Thoughts? This is holding up image development at this point.

What I have observed is:

-login as my non-volatile test user, app explorer is on the right (I can
do this repeatedly and it stays on the right)
-logout and temporarily move the users icons from the users redirected
-login and App Explorer tucks itself nicely under the IE icon on the
left... *but* I first see the icon appear on the right before it's
magically repositioned on the left!
-logout and put the icons back in the users redirected Desktop
-login and App Explorer remains on the left!

I'm imaging two machines right now so I can do some more side-by-side
testing... hopefully identify something...