I can map a drive to the HTTP common log file directory which is on the cache volume..

The first time I try to copy log files, I can copy 2 files OK. Then when I immediately try to copy 2 (or more) log files (not the current log file) from that directory, I get a pop-up error message: "V:\ refers to a location that is unavailable."

I then cannot remap a drive letter to the CACHE1 volume, but my other mapped drives to SYS & VOL1 are OK. In order to regain access to the CACHE1 volume, I must disconnect from the BM server (which causes me to lose my SYS & VOL1 mappings to BM server) and remap a drive letter back to the CACHE1 volume. Then, the same routine I described above happens all over again.

This same scenario happens at two client installations. Any idea as to how to stabilize this????

NOS = NW6.0 SP3
BM = 3.8 SP1
PCs = Win-XP Pro

Thanks for the assist.