Good Morning,

I am having two minor problems with AFP (afptcpd). One I thought I had fixed, but apparently not ...

1) Whenever I restart a server (SLES 10.2 or 3 /OES2 sp1 or sp2) , afptcpd is starting to early, and all the NSS volumes do not get mounted for AFP. I have already added "$ALL" to the end of the Required_Start line in the /etc/init.d/novell-afptcpd file, so it looks like:

# Required_Start:$local_fs novell-xregd $ALL

If I restart novell-afptcpd after the server has finished being restarted, it works fine.

2) I am having problems changing the AFP Share Name on one of my servers, but only on two volumes. No matter what I try, it seems to remember the old share name when it was Netware. I have tried editing the afpvols.conf file, shutting off afptcp, shutting down the server to make sure new configurations take, etc. The old SHARE NAME persists.

Thank you for any insight,