In ZFD, basically the naldesk.exe and nalview.exe did "nal" stuff (app deploys).
The dagent.exe did the ZPM stuff (if you had standalone ZPM)

I'm wondering what services do which/what in ZCM?

Specifically looking to exclude those services from the McAfee AV scanner for performance reasons.

I see three Zen* services:
ZenworksWindowsService.exe (is this what does the "nal" stuff?)
ZenNotifyIcon.exe (I'm assuming this is my Z icon on the taskbar)
ZenUserDaemon.exe (not sure what this is/does)

I see a micasad.exe (that's casa)
and a
nzrWinVNC.exe (is this the "remote" agent listening service?)

But i don't see anything for the ZPM stuff (we are using it)

Or does that get loaded dynamically?

If there's a document/TID out there already with this info, let me know (I didn't see one).