I'm looking to move from NW 6.5 sp8 (no clustering) to Oes2 sp2 (clustering). The main goal in this migration is to no effect on the user experience. The big issue is server name, I want to keep the existing server names. A lot of users have shortcuts that use UNC (\\servername\vol\filename). I looked at using an alias in DNS but the shortcuts still won't work.

So I'm looking at doing a migration with clustering all at one time. Of course with a clustering resource I can use the existing server name. The issue that comes up is when I'm doing the cut over, how will clustering react to creating that cluster resource with the same server name that already has a server object with that name. I brought this up to Xang(spelling) at Brainshare this year. I wanted to see if anyone has gone through this. I have setup a test network to go through the scenario and see what happens. Does anyone have any ideas on this scenario or been through this? Thanks in advance.